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Sinclair Skinner is the founder of Liberty Engineering and Design (LEAD) with more than 15 years of technical experience in engineering, planning, quality control, quality management inspection, scheduling, project coordination, and field supervision for all types of engineering projects.


His project experience includes federal, state and private sector projects. Since 1996, Skinner has served as a member of the engineering society governing mechanical engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and also served on their national committee.


In 1989 Skinner worked as a systems engineer for Honeywell Inc. where he developed and evaluated data base matrices for the Space Shuttle Main Engine Control Test Module, conducted environmental testing, and provided electrical engineering laboratory support.


From 1989-1991, Skinner worked as a mechanical engineer with McDonnell Douglas Corporation where he modified jet engine computer simulation tests, evaluated engine performances, developed design concepts, and performed research, testing and evaluation for McDonnell Douglas’ Battle Damage Support Group.


In 1992, Skinner worked as a manufacturing engineer for Diversified Products where he updated assembly line layouts and analyzed manufacturing problems.


From 1993-1994, Skinner worked as an Assistant County Engineer for Macon County in Tuskegee, Alabama where he supervised and assisted the design of the rural county highways and bridges construction and upgrades.


From 1994-1995, Skinner worked as an operations engineer for The Architect of the Capitol where he designed and developed operations equipment and emergency systems at the U.S. Senate, supervised escalator repairs and subway installations and inspected elevator upgrades.


From 1996-1998, Skinner worked as an R&D engineer for Ohmeda, Inc. supervising manufacturing product lines, designing and developing mechanical and electrical schematics for medical devices, designing production tooling and fixtures, developing assembly instructions, and developing production routings and floor layouts.


From 1998-1999, he worked as a mechanical engineering patent examiner with the United States Department of Commerce’s Office of Patents and Trademarks (USPTO), and performed work involving the examination and disposition of applications for patents and grants.


From 1999-2005, Skinner owned a CBE drycleaners in Washington, DC  (Georgia Avenue Kleaners) where he supervised operations of four facilities and staff, developed budgets, projections, oversaw personnel management, financial monitoring and marketing strategies, prepared payroll, annual reports, analyzed financial statements, developed employee manuals, developed standard operation procedures, negotiated contracts with several hotel, commercial, federal and District agencies, as well as managed and supervised construction coordination schedules between mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers to maintain the facility’s operations.


During this same period, he served as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in the District of Columbia where he viewed and approved over $50M in new construction multi-family and mixed-use development projects, worked with development firms, architect companies and land-use attorneys during the community approval processes.


In 2007, Mr. Skinner founded Liberty Industries and Design.


LEAD’s project experiences include:


Deanwood Recreation Center- Mixed Use recreation Center & Library


This $32M project included construction of a 63,000 SF co-location facility. It was a LEED Silver project that included an in-door leisure swimming pool, locker rooms, gymnasium, game rooms, full library, child care center, dedicated senior space, kitchen, multi-purpose rooms, tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pool with an attached house, existing field lights and an existing building was demolished in order for the new facility to be built.


LEAD provided Construction Material Testing & Inspection for the project.


Old Congress Heights- Mixed Use Residential & Retail


Old Congress Heights School is one of the oldest schools in the District that remains a historical landmark. The $25 M project included redeveloped retail and residential buildings in one of Washington, DC’s most historic neighborhoods.


LEAD was selected to provide land surveying services for the project. LEAD performed topographic, boundary and Alta/ACSM surveying of the school site.


14th Street Project- Residential


The project is located at 6425 14th Street NW in Ward 4. The building had been vacant for a number of years. The development included complete interior rehab and associated site improvement. The previous apartment building was converted into subsidized and market-price condos. LEAD was selected to perform all civil engineering aspects of the project, including Phase 1, survey/site development, and Structural Assessment.



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