April Wednesday, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Washington City Paper uses racially insensitive 19th century rhyme in summation of District politics, offers no apology.



April 27, 2011


(WASHINGTON, DC) –Members of the Black community are shocked and appalled over Washington City Paper’s recent headline in an article highlighting local politics.


On April 26th, Loose Lips’ Alan Suderman, published an article titled, “Loose Lips: Eeny Meeny Miny Mo Edition” (which was erase April 27th without a formal apology).


Those with knowledge of the 19th century nursery rhyme (and with any sense of cultural sensitivity) understand the rhyme was originally a poem used to describe what white slave owners would do if they caught black slaves trying to escape.


Eeny, meena, mina, mo,

Catch a nigger by the toe;

If he squeals let him go,

Eena, meena, mina, mo


“Suderman’s use of a racially insensitive rhyme is deplorable,” said Sinclair Skinner. “Washington City Paper should apologize, and we can all use this opportunity to educate one another on cultural sensitivity.”


Suderman employed the use of the racially insensitive nursery rhyme in the same article he wrote about the At-Large city council election, and in a summation of Sinclair Skinner’s involvement in a failed attempt to donate a worn-down fire truck and ambulance to a town of poor people in the Dominican Republic.


In the  article Suderman wrote, “Skinner offers a rebuttal suggesting that he tried to donate the District’s property to the Dominican Republican in 2009 so that they could be used to help victims of Haiti’s earthquake in 2010.


Sound crazy (outside of the grammatical error)? That’s because it is.


Suderman purposely mis-characterized Skinner’s rebuttal in an effort to discredit the goodwill mission by making  Skinner’s intentions for donating the out-dated FEMS equipment seem illogical. Skinner merely stated that the worn-down trucks could have saved lives if they would have been donated to the island beforehand.


Instead, politics got involved and the district elected to sell the trucks for a little over $14,000  to a company that used them as scrap metal.


“His criticisms are so farfetched it’s impossible not to view them as a deliberate attack,” said Skinner of Suderman. “Meanwhile, Councilmember Jim Graham sits comfortably in his office after his Chief of Staff gets deported after getting hit with felony charges after being caught selling legislation that Graham adopted.”


“If Jim Graham was Barrack Obama and Ted Loza was Rham Emanuel the media would have gone berserk. In DC, some media outlets only a thirst for a specific type of blood, so Jim Graham gets a free pass.”


Today, Loose Lips in an effort to wipe the stench of racism off their publication removed the title, but did not offer an apology.


However, the title is still displayed in the article’s URL highlighted below:


http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/looselips/2011/04/26/loose-lips-daily-eeny-meeny-miny-mo-edition/ (URL was renamed April 27th without an apology)


This isn’t Washington City Paper’s first foray of cultural insensitivity. Redskins owner Dan Snyder charges the publication has published antisemitic material about him as well.



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